Academy 2025

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(25.000 CZK plus VAT / 1 module)

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Compensation Strategy. Main principles and Components. Map of the Area.​​​​​(25.000 CZK plus VAT)

​​​​​Internal Equity and External Competitiveness principles explained in detail.(25.000 CZK plus VAT)

​​​​​Pay Policy Design. Base Salary Management. Annual Salary Increase.(25.000 CZK plus VAT)

Incentives and Variable Pay. Performance Management. Reward & Recognition.​​​​​(25.000 CZK plus VAT)

​​​​​Employee Benefits. Strategy and Portfolio. Total Compensation Communication.(25.000 CZK plus VAT)

HR Controlling, HR Information Systems, Paycosts and its Budgeting ​​​​​(25.000 CZK plus VAT)