We Have a Strict Approach to How We Do Comp&Ben and We Can Prove It by Our Expertise

Our principals have all held senior Comp&Ben leadership positions at the corporate, regional and country levels in large, well-known Fortune 100 companies across EMEA and the Americas. They have also held leadership roles in general management, finance, HRBP, talent management and labor relations. When we advise you, we draw on our experience, knowledge of best practices, and grounding in academia to provide you with innovative and customized solutions.

2 Pillars

We realize projects in real-life business and are educators in the academic arena. At the point where they connect come new ways of looking at and doing things.

4 Principles

We believe that the Compensation part of your Comp&Ben strategy is straight-forward and stands on four components. If you get the underlying design right, you can drive the right behaviors and outcomes.

1 Goal

We help you deliver your plan - by delivering evidence-based advice grounded in best practices.

Our Manifesto.
What We Strongly Believe in.

We know that pay and cash compensation costs represent a significant part of your total costs.

Experience, mastery and scientific research brings expertise.

Comp&Ben and business strategies should be firmly linked to drive desired behaviors and outcomes and reward performance.

New HR as we define it is evidence-based and drives a sustainable competitive advantage for the business, ensuring a return on its people investment.

New consulting should be based on outputs, not on the time spent (i.e. hours billed) on a project with a client.

Connecting the academic and real-life business worlds brings new ideas and concepts.

Your Comp&Ben scheme will only do what you intend it to do when you build the supporting structure and processes and ensure their proper execution.

The advice you receive from us will be direct, transparent and results-oriented – even if it may challenge long-held beliefs or the way things are done.

Pay Costs are an Investment

Pay and cash compensation costs make up a large portion of the total costs of your business. Unfortunately, for many companies these costs are a black hole. In our approach, we see pay and cash compensation spend as an investment (with a return on it) rather than an outlay. We do a diagnosis to unearth the details of what you spend and where and do a reset.

Strategic Alignment

Where you invest your cash compensation tells your employees what your business priorities are – or doesn’t, if your design is not well thought out. Compensation systems can efficiently support the delivery of your company strategy. We have an innovative solution that links company strategy with pay and cash compensation management on a sustainable, long-term basis.

New HR

The “New HR” as we define it is evidence-based and builds a sustainable competitive advantage by strategically managing its organization’s compensation spend and ensuring a return on this investment. They understand how the compensation system connects with the business strategy. The “New HR” uses a language that is business-oriented and understands how HR can impact the P&L and balance sheet.

New Consulting

We want to be fair to our clients. They should be paying for results, not for our time (billable hours). Therefore, we charge not on an hourly or man-day basis but rather on a fixed-price and output basis. We also live our boutique approach, delivering solutions that are tailor-made, practical and based on our insights as former C&B heads. We are flexible, client-oriented and offer hands-on support.

Subject-Matter Experts

We want to bring new ideas and concepts into the C&B area and be at the forefront of a change in the way the profession delivers its work. On the business side, our goal is to develop concepts and practical tools that become the ‘new basics’. In the academic domain, our goal is grow the new talents in the field and cooperate with universities across Europe to deliver this subject matter.

University Linkages

We connect the worlds of academia and business through our work with the Prague University of Economics and Business, where we are on faculty and deliver the C&B coursework in the graduate degree program. We also cooperate with universities elsewhere in Europe, building their C&B curriculum and delivering executive programs. Here, we share our insights from the world of our practice.

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