Comp&Ben Academy

The comprehensiveness and scope of this project makes it a uniquely outstanding educational programme. With the Comp&Ben Academy project we bring to life our intention to introduce a cutting-edge training model, which the market has long been missing.

Each module is simultaneously lectured by 2 experienced C&B professionals. This introduces much better interactivity during the lectures and gives an uninterrupted focus on the topic.
Mgr. Martin Kopecký, Ph.D.
Managing Partner BDA
Mgr. Tomáš Jurčík, Ph.D.
Managing Partner BDA

Comp&Ben Academy 2020 Course Dates

M1 | 30. - 31. 1.    Compensation Strategy and a Comprehensive Map of the Territory
M2 | 20. - 21. 2.    Internal Equity and External Competitiveness
M3 | 11. - 12. 6.    Base Salary Management
M4 | 25. - 26. 6.    Incentives and Variable Pay. Performance Management
M5 | 20. - 21. 8.    Employee Benefits
M6 | 10. - 11. 9.    HR Controlling, HRIS, Paycosts and its budgeting

Programme Structure

6 Basic Modules

  • The programme is divided into six 2-day modules

  • Each day is divided into four 90-minute lessons

  • Day 1: 4 x 90 lectures

  • Day 2: 2 x 90 lectures + 2 x 90 case studies

  • Each calendar year a new Academy is open and starts with Module 1

1 Day Final Test (Certification)

  • One of the course objectives is to increase the knowledge level of students so that those attending all six modules can be certified as Comp&Ben Managers after passing the final exam.


The Comp&Ben Academy is an open public course, not only for HR professionals. It focuses primarily on total compensation, employee motivation and performance management but also stretches out to the areas of pay cost budgeting, reporting, and HR information systems (Module 6).


One of the course objectives is to increase the knowledge level of students so that those attending all six modules can be certified as Comp&Ben Managers after passing the final exam.


The programme consists of 2-day modules that can be taken as a whole, one after the other, or you can independently select only those modules that are relevant for you. Alternatively, you can attend all six modules in your preferred order, e.g. in 2 years.


The Academy is derived from a theoretical base, as presented by contemporary world authorities, but above all we want to demonstrate practical every-day application. You will see real-life examples and case studies from the world of Comp&Ben.

Place, Language and Price

  • The Academy takes place at the University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • The Academy is lectured in the Czech language but all materials are currently being translated into English so that the programme can also be offered to a wider audience of HR professionals.

  • The price per one module is 25.000 CZK (plus VAT).

  • There is a maximum of 15-20 participants for each Module (class).

Course Format

The slides represent the basic logical structure of a theme depicting key principles and main topics. The graphics show relations and connectivity of particular areas to capture hidden logical interactions. The core of each lecture is the teachers´ presentation of a given area or principle.

Theorethical base is accompanied by show cases from real-life business situations and solutions from Czech and other companies.

In-house Alternative

  • The Comp&Ben Academy can be bought as an in-house training pogramme representing a complex solution for training needs of company HR or C&B professionals.

  • In this case only the original full version can be obtained (i.e. 6 modules) and the minimum number of participating employees is 6 per module.

  • For more customized courses on compensation managemet please refer to our section on Comp&Ben for Managers.

Interested in Attending the Course? Contact Us for Further Information.