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We deliver expert-level educational programs to executives, line managers, HR professionals and the C&B (Total Rewards) community. When you engage us to deliver a class-room course, it is taught by one of our principals. Any course can be tailor-made for specific needs. The course content is built on our experience as practitioners, grounded in the broader business context and gives exposure to the real world of award planning.

We also offer a Comp&Ben Academy (currently only for our Czech clients) that can be fast-adapted to the requirements of our English-speaking clients. The support we provide in the area of Communications leverages the messaging from our coursework and the best practices we seen and applied as practicioners.

Comp&Ben Academy

With the Comp&Ben Academy project we bring to life our intention to introduce a cutting-edge educational programme, which the market has long been missing. It is probably the most comprehensive course on this topic in central Europe.

Comp&Ben Applied

This 2-day intensive course for HR Managers, Business Partners, Generalists an other HR Specialists presents the compensation area in a simple picture and explains its main principles and tools. We arm our students with solid arguments for everyday negotiations about employee compensation and motivation.

Comp&Ben for Managers

Knowledge of the basic principles of compensation and employee motivation should become an integral part of the basic managerial skill set. That is why we focus so much on developing line managers in this area so that they can actively use these capabilities and tools in everyday management of their teams.

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