Comp&Ben  for Managers

Knowledge of the basic principles of employee compensation and motivation should become an integral part of the basic managerial skill set. That is why we focus so much on developing line managers in this area so that they can actively use these capabilities and tools in everyday management in their teams.

Prague / 2024

Each course is simultaneously lectured by 2 experienced C&B professionals. This introduces much better interactivity during the lectures and gives an uninterrupted focus on the topic.

Mgr. Martin Kopecký, Ph.D.
Managing Partner BDA

Over twenty-year wealth of leadership expericene in HR and Comp&Ben field has given Martin a profound expertise in strategic design of comp systems and pay cost management. Given his expertise, Martin has created a concept of Strategic job segmentation aligned with business strategies and lectures at Prague University of Economics and Business. 

Mgr. Tomáš Jurčík, Ph.D.
Managing Partner BDA

Tomáš is a seasoned Comp&Ben expert having spent over two decades in various senior C&B roles including CEE regional jobs in multi-national companies such as Mondeléz and SABMiller. Besides leading all BDA international projects, Tomas is also the author of the BDA Educational programmes.

Topics Covered during the Course

Compensation management as a fundamental managerial skill
Key principles and components of each compensation system
How to communicate with my team about comp issues?
New trends in compensation management
How to solve typical situations (Suggested actions)
Business context (Pay costs management)
What are the expectations? (Roles and responsibilites)
Practical Examples / Case Studies

Prague / 2024

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