Comp&Ben for Managers

Knowledge of the basic principles of employee compensation and motivation should become an integral part of the basic managerial skill set. That is why we focus so much on developing line managers in this area so that they can actively use these capabilities and tools in everyday management in their teams.

Managing compensation is an integral part of every business. Our courses provide what we consider the minimum managerial knowledge of compensation, motivation and performance management. The course can be customized for your needs and only those specific areas you want your managers to develop in will be emphasized.

We specialize in introducing Comp&Ben to individuals (top management) or to small groups of line managers (up to 10-12). The course length can vary from half-day (minimum) to 2 days (optimum) and will very much depend on the target audience as well as your specific needs.

Below is a list of topics that are very often of interest to line managers:

  • Strategic compensation, key principles
  • Motivation of employees (incentive schemes)
  • Performance management (goal setting and evaluation)
  • Base salary management and its motivational function

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