To Cover All Your Challenges, We Provide an Integrated Solution from Analysis, Through System Set-up and Implementation to Change Management

Depending on your actual needs you can buy the whole solution where we will address all areas and solve your complex problem or you may as well buy them as separated components. These areas can be applied as independent tools and they work perfectly well as such.

Complex Picture / Analysis

We help companies understand how effective they are in their paycosts management.

We are able to find 3 - 10% of ineffective distribution of paycosts due to strategic misalignment. No headcount reduction involved.

Our never seen before insight analysis connects multiple areas in order to bring a holistic picture of the overall paycosts management and the alignment of business strategy and compensation system and the pay practice. We know the exact points to be connected in order to enable your success. Our analytical tools and skills allow us to identify any inefficiencies in less than 4 weeks. If you want to go beyond the pure identification, we will design and implement a plan how to materialize the opportunities.


  • Short- and long-term paycosts opportunities

  • Risks in external competitiveness in employee compensation

  • Internal inequities and anomalies

  • Gaps in Pay for Performance

  • Issues with employee motivation and engagement

Key Benefits:

  • Identifies areas of strategic misalignment and opportunities for improvement

  • Brings justified recommendations about where to invest efficiently in HR

  • Changes the CEOs´ view on paycosts management

  • Brings facts and figures on the table, supports evidence based decision process

  • Enables active management of human resources area

Compensation Strategy
and Design /Architecture

We believe that business strategy should be strongly reflected in the compensation strategy and system. This link enables sustainable and long-term management of investments into HR and brings a fair and transparent system that promotes motivation and engagement of employees.

When designing the new compensation system and its architecture we start from our long-term used and real-life proven model of 4 key principles and 4 key components. Internal Equity represents the backbone of every compensation system and includes tools and processes such as job descriptions and job evaluation. External Competitiveness defines salary policy using multiple data sources (salary surveys) and the range setting process based on your business strategy rather than copy-pasting market data and falling into the benchmarking hysteria. Individual Motivation uses the 4 main components to leverage the individual motivation of every employee. This is where the base salary management, variable pay, recognition scheme and benefits come into play. Pay for Performance principle ensures how short- and long-term performance is linked with the reward.


  • Compensation Strategy

  • Job Evaluation, Job Descriptions, Job Matrix

  • External Benchmarking, Salary Ranges

  • Base Salary Management, Merit Round

  • Variable Pay, Sales Incentive Plans

  • Recognition Schemes

  • Benefits and Cafeteria

Key Benefits:

  • Compensation system that is linked to business strategy

  • A management tool for effective and responsible paycosts management

  • Transparent and motivational incentive scheme

  • Stronger pay for performance link

  • Improved motivation and engagement of employees

  • Compensation system that is simple to communicate and explain

  • Supports managers in achieving their objectives

Change Management / Education

Compensation system alone is just the first half of the total success.
We believe that the bigger half of the success lies in its execution.

In our view, change management in this area should comprise of communication and education. For both parts the target is to execute and apply its principles on a daily basis. In addition, you may want to improve everyday management of your compensation system and increase transparency by reinforcing the main principles and calibrating expectations. By increasing the capabilities of your line managers to work with the compensation system you will maximize the return on your investment in the compensation system.

We have developed a unique and practical approach to executive and line management education that has been successfully proven on numerous in-house programmes.


  • Communication Strategy and Plan

  • Effective Communication tools for Employees

  • Executive change management and Line Management programmes

  • HR and C&B Professionals trainings

Key Benefits:

  • Your company actively communicates the compensation area in a transparent way

  • Managers understand compensation principles and use motivation tools on a daily basis

  • HR has the right argumentation basis for negotiations with line managers

  • Employees have the right information in the right context

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