When Do You Ditch Your Comp&Ben Strategy

Are There Cracks in The Foundation?

There are indictors signaling the need to either ditch or drastically change our Total Rewards Strategy. We believe that your strategy needs to rest on a set of principles. In the short run we can ignore the indicators and do nothing, many times without initial consequence, but in the long-term, disregard can carry a significant price tag.  Let’s discuss 5 and even hear of others you may have discovered along the way.

Webinar Topics:

1.    Your CEO cannot meaningfully explain to you what your strategy is
2.    The ‘Fair’ balance between Economic Survival and Human Care is not considered
3.    Contingency Response to A Potential Black Swan is not part of your strategy’s DNA
4.    Your strategy looks to the past versus the future
5.    Your specific strategy is relevant for everyone

Lectured by senior C&B professionals with 30 years of international experience in Comp&Ben and Total Rewards. 

Michael Pos, MA
Senior Partner, BDA

Michael Freire, MA
Senior Partner, BDA

Date: 30th of June, 2020