We Have a Strict Approach to How We Do Comp&Ben and We Can Prove It by Our Expertise.

2 pillars

Our ambition is to connect these two areas. We realize projects in real-life business and use the academic arena to educate.

4 components

We believe that a compensation strategy is actually very simple and that it stands on 4 principles and 4 components. Whatever view you may take, you will always end up with these four.

1 goal

We enhance your business. By delivering advice.

Our Manifesto. What We Strongly Believe in.

  • We know that paycosts represent a significant part of your total costs
  • Compensation and business strategies should be firmly linked
  • New HR as we define it can become the real strategic business partner
  • New consulting as we live it should be based on outputs not on time spent on a project / with a client
  • Compensation will do its job only when you build the system and ensure its proper execution
  • Mastery and scientific research brings expertise
  • Active connection of the worlds of academia and of the real-life business

Paycosts as an Investment

Strategic Alignment

Paycosts have a critical impact on your business results. Sadly enough for many companies the paycosts are a black hole. In our innovative approach we see paycosts more as an active investment rather than as a cost item.

Compensation systems can efficiently support the realization of your company strategy. We have an innovative solution how to link a company strategy with paycosts management on a sustainable and long-term basis.

New HR

New Consulting

The new HR as we define it connects compensation system with strategic management using this synergy to achieve company strategy and build sustainable competitive advantage that lies in the area of paycosts management and a tailored compensation system and its excellent execution. The new HR becomes strategic as it responsibly and actively manages one of the biggest cost elements and ensures the return on investment. The new HR uses a clear language of business numbers.

We want to be fair to our clients. They should be paying for the result, not for our time. Therefore we charge not per man-days but rather on a fix-price and output basis. We live boutique approach, our solutions are tailor-made and practical. Since we are ex-C&B managers we have the real insights. We are smaller and more flexible and offer hands-on support.

Subject Experts

At the core of our approach is the quest for developing the C&B area, and presenting it in an all new context as well as propagating it. Our goal is to develop new concepts and practical tools and subsequently find its new place, especially in the academic domain in order to be able to raise new experts in this area. Our aim is to cooperate with universities across Europe.

Accredited University Curriculum

Our intense co-operation with universities results in connecting the worlds of academia and business. This is for example manifested in our executive trainings. We also root the C&B subject in the HR management curricula for graduate students and lecture at MBA or Honors Academia programmes. Apart from lecturing there we became the general partner of the Faculty of Management at the University of Economics in Prague. There are also other universities in Europe we co-operate with, e.g. Webster University in Geneva or Lancaster University in the UK.

Backed by Numbers

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